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Affordable, professional web design, Portsmouth.

Web design, WordPress themes, graphic design & business stationery.

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Web Design Portsmouth - Affordable, Professional


Affordable & professional.

Web Design Portsmouth - WordPress themes and email templates


For WordPress & email.

Web Design Portsmouth - Get help and support


Technical help & support.

Web Design Portsmouth - Affordable, Professional
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Web Design

From single page updates to complete web design projects.

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If you have your own web designs, wireframes or sketches, and you’re ready to start development, I work with all major file formats, as well as old coffee stained napkins or serviettes!

Domains & Hosting

If you’re just starting out on the web and looking for a web hosting solution, check out SiteGround. Web Hosting

Themes & Templates

Customised WordPress themes and Joomla templates.

I design custom themes for WordPress and templates for Joomla. Both of these applications are known as Content Management Systems (CMS), or dynamic sites, whereby the content is stored, controlled and managed from a central location or standalone application. For further information visit, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Content_management_system.

‘Static HTML’ refers to websites that are not controlled dynamically.

It’s hard to tell just by looking. A WordPress site might appear as a static site simply because the ‘login’ and ‘comments’ features have been disabled. Similarly, a Joomla website could become a blog just by installing a social media plugin.

An e-commerce site can have WordPress, Joomla or its own dedicated content management system under the bonnet.

Whether it’s a static website or a dynamic one, I can produce the template to suit your requirements.

Email Templates & other print stationery

Custom designs for your email templates, newsletters or MailChimp campaigns.
I provide print stationery and logo design for business cards, letterheads and compliment slips and will discount any quote for these services by 25% if you elect to hire me to design your website.

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Web Design Portsmouth - Get help and support
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Help & Support

Full support is provided to answer your questions and get your content working for you. If you have any problems with your website, a web template, a page layout, some css, or need any general question answered, just let me know.

Technical Support

Ongoing support is also available to assist you in the development of your online presence with regular search engine optimisation, site backups and general maintenance of your site. Onsite appointments can also be arranged.

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Get in Touch

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