Other design projects

This page includes other 3D design projects that I have worked on for myself and demonstrates some of the other skills that I have learnt.


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I created this short 3D animation of the JL Web Creative logo using Blender.

3D rendered chess set

A low-poly chess set and board created and rendered using Blender.

This short animation was designed and created by following a great course on Udemy called Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners. The lamp character pays homage to Luxo Jr. from the amazing Pixar Animation Studios.

3D render of the Recognizer from Tron

One of the iconic vehicle characters in Tron, the Recognizer. Created using Blender. Have I said I use Blender much? 😉 

3D Chair (Soborg)

This is a 3D rendered chair that I recreated from another great tutorial by Blender Guru, Andrew Price. The product design is by Børge Mogensen, 1950 – Søborg Wood base, available from Fredericia.com

3D rendered couch

This is a 3D rendered couch created with Blender and from yet another great tutorial by Blender Guru, Andrew Price. The original product design is by Damian Williamson – 2010, 2015 and available from Zanotta