Promotional Videos

Here are a couple of animation projects that I’ve completed
for clients, to help with their book launches.

Gothic Image Book Tor video.

Gothic Image Book Tor

This 3D rendered animation was designed for Gothic Image Publications, a small independent publisher in Glastonbury, UK.

It was created for a book launch party to help celebrate and promote a collection of their latest publications.

The theme for the animation is based on the Tor, a very famous historical and popular tourist site in Glastonbury.

The 3D software used to set up and render the scene was Blender. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator were also used to edit textures and create the ending credits.

“Awaiting Testimonial.”


Frances Howard-Gordon

Owner, Gothic Image Publications

The Disappearance at Bird Bridge

This video is an animation using the hand drawn sketches by the artist and writer Viv Levy.

It was designed using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects and was created to help celebrate the launch of her latest book, The Mysterious Disappearance at Bird Bridge.

“Prior to the launch of my book, “The Mysterious Disappearance at Bird Bridge”, the creation of a short animation to accompany the celebration was suggested. At very short notice enter Jason Lihou.

As my illustrations were black and white, I was after a monochrome piece featuring the two main characters on their unlikely quest that would also reflect the humour in the story. Jason sparked off a stream of ideas, created a series of moving images and delivered on time. He maintained a professional grip on the project as well as being great fun to work with.

The resulting eccentric animation was a fine companion to the book, an original entertainment and selling point.
Thank you so much Jason, Viv Levy.”

Viv Levy

Viv Levy

Artist & Writer

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