2D Plug – Vector Graphics


Year 1 – Introduction to computer Graphics (IGRAP)

Project Brief

An editor of a book about “how things work” has employed you to create a technical diagram of a 13 amp plug. You must use Adobe Illustrator to draw an accurate 2D technical diagram of the plug together with an ‘exploded view‘ of its components. All components should be to scale, should be coloured/shaded appropriately and fully labelled in lowercase Arial italics in black ink.

The deliverable is the final image which will be judged in terms of its:

  • fulfilment of requirements
  • effectiveness as a diagrammatic representation of the device
  • N.B. it must be this plug and must be a Vector Graphics diagram

Project Details

Part A – 2D Technical Drawing

Software used

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

Assembled plug
Fuse holder screw & fuse
Plug casings, screw & spacers

Marks awarded (out of 20)