Nature Magazine – Cover


Year 1 – Introduction to computer Graphics (IGRAP)

Project Brief

Nature magazine is probably the most prestigious scientific journal in the world. For this reason, its magazine of 1st April 2016 is still published on paper. This is the month of your greatest scientific breakthrough – to reverse the aging process, so that a 90 year old can become physically reversed back to when they were about 40.

Your task is to use Photoshop to mock up a cover for Nature Magazine for that date, which shows before and after pictures. You’ll also be dressed in clothes appropriate for the twenty-sixties. It will show a picture of the technology used. You can decide whether it’s purely a chemical process, involves surgical ‘processing’, or a magic irradiating beam.

Your aim is to create a professional quality image, showing no signs of editing (such that a professional photoshop expert could not identify where changes have been made).

Project Details

Part B – Cover of Nature

Software used

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Hair greying process
Aging lines process
Clothing for 2064
Magazine cover background

Marks awarded (out of 20)